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Texas Hunting – What is Pintail Hunting Club Known for?

Texas is known the world over as one of the best places to hunt. Pintail Hunting Club is on the list of must visit places for the best in South Central Texas prairie waterfowl hunting. You will not find better accommodations for a true Texas duck hunting experience.

Arrive the day before your hunt and spend the night with us at our Texas duck hunting lodge, a place that you will think of as a second home. Relax and enjoy genuine Texas hospitality as you prepare for your early morning hunt.

The day starts before daylight with a hearty Southern breakfast, then it is time to experience true Texas waterfowl hunting. When the morning hunt has ended, head back to the lodge where more of that famous Southern cooking is served for lunch. When lunch is settled, it is time to swap waders for camouflage pants. Leave that steel, tungsten or bismuth shot at the lodge and break out the No. 7 or No. 8 chilled lead shot. Dove, quail and pheasant are on the shooting menu.

Early Teal Season

At Pintail, the day starts with teal in the morning and dove in the afternoon.

Texas waterfowl hunting begins in September with teal. This blue or green -winged waterfowl likes to hit the water early. You will need to be in the blind when stars are still visible in the morning sky. The thrill of fast teal hunting is something special to be experienced.

Early Teal & Duck

Duck and Goose

Fall to midwinter is prime time on the Central Flyway for Texas duck hunting. We have mallards, wood duck, gadwalls, American black duck, pintails and specklebelly goose. Steel, tungsten or bismuth shot is required. If you shoot steel, a modified choke is all you need. Bismuth and tungsten work well with full chokes. If geese are on the menu, you will need B, BB, BBB or T shot.

Duck and Goose


These hand-sized, tan birds roost during the middle of the day. Like you, they needed a nap after feeding in the morning. They come flooding out as mid-day falls into afternoon. Watch the skies from all angles because they can come from anywhere. We suggest full chokes.


Upland Birds

One of the best-tasting birds around, quail is also exciting to hunt. Watch our dogs work the brush to find a covey and discover why quail hunting is called the sport of gentlemen. No. 8 shot and an open choke is all you need. When pheasants and chukar explode out of the brush, it is a sight and sound to behold. You will want No. 5 or No. 6 shot for these bigger birds. A modified choke and a quick eye will send you home with this delicious waterfowl.

Upland Birds


When you are ready for world-class bird hunting, Pintail Hunting Club is the place to come. With upland birds, teal and waterfowl, we will deliver a hunting experience that cannot be beaten. Call today to book your next great memory.

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