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Clay Shooting at Pintail Hunting Lodge

Pintail Hunting Club offers the best duck hunting close to Houston, but we also offers more than that. We have a five stand clays range and computerized skeet thrower.

You can hit the duck blind before daylight and be back at El Cielo Lodge around midmorning. That gives you plenty of time to visit the range to get some practice in.

Our ranges are the perfect place for practicing your shotgunning skills. The five stand clay range offers a variety of target presentations. If birds popping up from cover and dropping right back down are a problem, spend some time and a few shells learning how to master this shot. Our range also offers crossing shots from the left and the right. We can throw overhead birds and birds that fly overhead from the front.

Many of our groups like to use the computerized skeet thrower for competition. They get together and make friendly wagers on who is the best shot. It is all in fun and the object is to have a good time, while improving your shot at the same time.

Is shooting clay pigeons exactly the same as shooting ducks, teal, geese or dove? Well, no. The live birds can fly faster and keep that speed. The clay birds slow down. But the skills you develop on the clays ranges will translate directly to making you a better shot in the field. If you are good on the range, you will be good in the field.

When you visit Pintail Hunting Club, you can hunt and fish with us and work on your wingshooting skills while you are here. Our guides can give you advice on how to better mount your shotgun. They can watch your shooting to see if you are pulling in one direction. They can tell you if you are shooting over, under or to the right or left of the target consistently. Regardless, of how you are shooting, they can give you some tricks and tips to help make you a better Texas waterfowl hunter. Years of experience behind the gun and working with other shooters means they can improve anyone’s shooting ability. That is just a bonus that you get to take home after your visit with us.

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