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Texas Dove Hunting

When you come to shoot birds at Pintail Lodge, try to make sure you put dove on the menu. Our afternoon hunts on more than 20,000 acres of private land are a fun and exciting Texas waterfowl hunting tradition.

The best thing about Texas dove hunting is these birds are going to offer every possible combination of shots imaginable. The birds can come in high and low and at every angle. One shot may be straight over your head and the next one sees you twisting to the left to drop a bird that snuck up behind you. These hand-sized, tan birds roost during the middle of the day. They come flooding out as midday becomes afternoon.

What To Expect

Generous bag limits and sometimes non-stop flights make dove the best bird to use when introducing young shooters to bird hunting. Kids need excitement and nonstop action. They will reload and watch birds fly over in range, seeming to mock everyone’s ability to put shells in the shotgun fast enough. Light loads with low recoil are plenty for taking home a bag limit.

Because the birds come to the hunters, you are not going to spend time riding in a jeep or walking through briars. Take a shell bucket or a field chair and settle down at the edge of the field. A camouflage skirt, about two or three feet high is enough of a blind. Wear some simple camo and bring a few boxes of shells.

Because these birds are so hunter friendly, they are the best bird for working on your wingshooting skills. They will come in from every direction, high and low. They may sneak up from behind while you were watching some circle at the far end of the field, so paying close attention to all approaches is important..

If your wingshooting needs a bit of tweaking, our guides can accompany you to the field. By the end of the shoot, you will have some solid advice to take home for bird hunting where you live. When you get home, you can impress your friends with what you learned at the Pintail Hunting Club.

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