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Texas Duck & Goose Hunting

Ducks and geese are particular birds. If they do not like a set up, they will spook well before they are in range. That is why having expert guides from Pintail Hunting Club on hand substantially increases your opportunities for success. They spend every day of the season chasing these birds. This translates directly into knowledge of what the birds will do and why for the best in Texas duck hunting.

Another great benefit to hunting at Pintail is private well managed land for goose hunting and duck hunting close to Houston. You do not have to worry about other hunters taking your carefully prepared blind and hunting over the spread you put out the evening before. You and your party will be the only ones in the stand. Other Pintail Hunting Club hunters will be far enough away to not interfere with your hunting location.

What To Expect

Lodge Hunts

Your group will be assigned a guide the evening prior to your morning hunt.  The morning of the hunt we will gather in the mud room at lodge to meet and greet your guide.  Your group will follow guide to hunting location.  Once on location its a short buggy ride to the blind where your guide will handle the setup for you to have an enjoyable morning. Once the hunt is concluded you will follow your guide back to the lodge where Chef Darren will have lunch waiting on you.  Birds are processed upon return.

Drive In Morning Only Hunts

This is a great way to make a quick hunting trip when you might not have the time to enjoy an overnight stay at the Lodge.  Your group will meet your guide at a predetermined location the morning of the hunt.  Guide will handle the setup and transportation in the field.  Once hunt is concluded your on your way back to work.

What To Bring


Camo Clothing/Rain Gear

Shotgun/Non toxic Steel Shot

Contact Pintail Hunting Club to book your next hunt and find out why we are the hunting lodge of choice for Texas duck hunting.

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