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Texas Duck & Goose Hunting

Ducks and geese are particular birds. If they do not like a set up, they will spook well before they are in range. That is why having expert guides from Pintail Hunting Club on hand substantially increases your opportunities for success. They spend almost every day of the season chasing these birds. This translates directly into knowledge of what the birds will do and why for the best in Texas duck hunting.

Another great benefit to hunting at Pintail is private, leased land for goose hunting and duck hunting close to Houston. You do not have to worry about other hunters taking your carefully prepared blind and hunting over the spread you put out the evening before. You and your party will be the only ones in the stand. Other Pintail Hunting Club hunters will be far enough away to not interfere with your hunting location.

What To Expect

You are going to get started early in the morning. Our guides are out well before daylight making sure the spread of decoys is ready. You will enjoy a delicious Southern breakfast at El Cielo Lodge, then our Texas guided duck hunting staff will pick you up while it is still dark and you will be in the blind before there is enough light to really see.

Texas ducks and geese do not pay attention to legal shooting hours. While you sit in the blind, some flights are going to come in and settle down to eat. Your guide will keep a close eye on the clock and he will let you know when you can pull the trigger. If any birds are on the water and more are coming in, shoot incoming birds first. Then take birds getting off the water.

With birds down, the retriever jumps into action. This is what our dogs want to do. They spend all year training for this. They are happiest when bringing back a fresh duck or goose to the blind.

If you want to know how our dogs are trained, our guides are happy to explain. They will also give you the information you need so you can make arrangements to have your dog trained by us. Just wait until the hunt is over, ducks and geese spook easily. There is plenty of time to talk about working the dogs when you are back at the lodge.

Flights can be mixed. The most common Texas waterfowl we see are specklebelly goose, mallards, teal, wood duck, gadwalls, American black duck and pintails. We do also get Canada and snow geese.

What To Bring

Wear waterproof boots or waders. The dogs are going to do the hard work bringing back dead birds and chasing cripples across the pond or the rice field. You can expect to get wet up to your knees.

Bring your favorite shotgun. Here is some information on the best type of shotgun for waterfowl.

Texas waterfowl hunting requires decoys and calls which we provide.

Contact Pintail Hunting Club to book your next hunt and find out why we are the hunting lodge of choice for Texas duck hunting.

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