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Fishing at Pintail Hunting Lodge

When you visit Pintail Hunting Club, you can do more than just shoot waterfowl and upland birds. You can hit the water and try your hand tempting the critters that live under the surface to come out and play.

Our hunting lease land includes access to a 38-acre lake and 17-acre lake. Both lakes have excellent largemouth bass populations and there are plenty of double-digit lunkers lurking out there. The 17-acre lake also has a good population of crappie, bream and catfish.

Your Texas duck hunt begins before daylight, but you will be on your way back to El Cielo Lodge before 10 a.m. This gives you time to take a nap, or better yet, hit the water for some of the best freshwater fishing Texas has to offer.

Spend a while on the water and come back to the lodge for lunch. Then, hit the lakes again to fish a while and still get in an afternoon hunt.


Ol’ Bucketmouth is the world’s most popular freshwater game fish. There is just something about chasing Mean Green that excites fishermen all over the world. The two lakes you can fish are well-stocked with Florida-strain largemouth, the specific strain of bass that holds the International Game Fish Association world record. Some 12- and 14-pounders are cruising out there. Can you get one to bite and then land it? We do practice catch and release so everyone can experience the joy of landing a big one.



When they are biting, it is fill-a-bucket time. Our Cajun friends in Louisiana call these fish “sac au lait” for the milky white fillets you can carve off the fish. Regardless of what you call them, they are fun to catch and even more entertaining after being covered in flour and corn meal and fried up for supper.



Mister Whiskers is a late evening and nighttime fish for the most part. If you want to spend some time dropping bait on the bottom and waiting for one of the monster channel catfish to come nosing by, we will set you up.


Bring your children and teach them the joys of fishing. Bream are easy to catch, bite fast and often and are great eating.

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