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Texas Early Teal Hunting

Texas waterfowl hunting begins in September with teal. This green or blue-winged rocket with webbed feet likes to hit the water early. You will need to be in the blind when stars are still visible in the morning sky. But it will be worth it when the sun peeks over the horizon and the birds pour into the field of decoys.

Teal are very much creatures of habit and when they find a place they like to feed, this is where they will be. Set up 100 yards away from their preferred feeding area, and you could even be lucky enough to get a long-range shot on a straggler. Our Texas guided duck hunting waterfowl experts have watched the birds in the preseason so they know where to set dekes and blinds. You will be right where you need to be when the flocks flare to a landing.

Because Pintail leases more than 20,000 acres of the best Texas waterfowl hunting land around, you are assured of plenty of space. This is not public land where another group of hunters can come in 30 minutes after daylight and ruin your morning. You can hunt over prairie ponds, harvested rice and natural lakes.

Duck season runs through January in the South Zone for Texas duck hunting.

What To Expect

The biggest issue you will have is waiting for legal shooting hours to begin. The teal are likely to show up too early and settle in for a feed. But that is all right. When the guides says it is time to shoot, nail a bird coming in, then switch to drop one trying to leave.

When the birds are down, watch as our trained retrievers hit the water to bring back your kills. It is what they live for and love to do. Year-round training keeps them in peak condition.

On a good day, you will have a bag limit before the morning TV news shows are over. With a brace of birds and a tired by happy retriever, it is time to head back to our Texas duck hunting lodge to clean up and maybe take a nap before lunch. While you relax we will prepare the birds for travel.

What To Bring

Full chokes are the order of the day. Teal know how to fly and it is going take some accurate shooting to drop them. Our guides will be in the blind with you and can coach your shooting.

Because Texas duck hunting is governed by federal hunting regulations, you must shoot non-toxic ammunition.

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