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Pintail Hunting Club has the best hunting guides this region of Texas has to offer. When it comes to Texas waterfowl hunting, you will not find anyone better to pull birds into the decoys. But having a guide is much more than just bringing the birds to you.

It is about the experience and the fellowship. It is about hearing the whistle of wings and light splashes as the ducks come into the set before shooting is allowed to begin. It is about watching the sun break over the horizon.

It is about the guide cranking down on the call to talk the birds circling overhead to come down for a meal. It is about the retriever blowing out of the blind to bring back a downed bird. It is about handshakes and backslaps after a good shot and brotherly ribbing after a clean miss.

Our Texas guided duck hunting pros are constantly scouting the more than 30,000 acres of private land we own and manage for hunting. They know where the waterfowl will be because they have watched the bird’s patterns. They make sure blinds are placed exactly where it will bring in the most birds.

While you are kicking back at our Pintail Lodge enjoying some of the finest Southern cooking Texas has to offer, our guides are still working. They are taking care of the dogs and delivering your birds to be processed for the trip home. While you take an afternoon nap or hit the water in search of a wall-hanger largemouth bass, they are scouting for the next days hunt.

They are also a wealth of information. They have made a career of studying the birds you come to hunt. There is very little that will surprise them. We encourage you to ask questions, outside the duck blinds of course. Our guides will share what they know so you can become skilled at Texas ducking hunting.

Pintail’s professional guides know their job is to do much more than put you on birds. They want to make sure you have such a good time that you do not want to go home. If that sounds like something you want to experience, give us a call.

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