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Large Mouth Bass – Fish After Hunting

Experience the finest in Texas bass fishing at Pintail Hunting Club. While we are best known for our Texas waterfowl hunting, we have a 38-acre lake and a 17-acre lake that are packed with largemouth bass.

Mean Green is the most popular freshwater fish for sport anglers in the world. While it can be found in all 48 continental states, the largemouth bass grows biggest in warm climates, like we have at Pintail Hunting Club. We practice catch and release, so the bass population is healthy.

Our two lakes are packed with Florida-strain largemouth bass, the particular sub-species that holds the world record and most, if not all, of the 20-plus pound line class records. Somewhere in these two lakes are some 14-pound or bigger old sow bass. Trophy largemouth bass are females while male bass rarely get over seven pounds.

If you catch a trophy size bass, take plenty of pictures and measurements. We have working relationships with local taxidermists who can take your information and make a replica mount for you that looks just as good as a real fish.

What To Bring

White and black spinnerbaits are top performers. Black and blue worms, with red tips or plain that are bounced slow along the bottom draw crushing strikes. Chrome, blue backed Rat-L-Traps are also a proven performer. In spring when the bass are spawning, sight fishing with green or pumpkin seed lizards draws ferocious hits from bass guarding their beds.

For the most excitement, bring some topwater popping plugs. Jerk it across the surface and prepare for some heart-pounding excitement. Our bass will rise up to smash that lure with a vengeance.

Your gear needs to have 10- to 20-pound test lines. The 10-pound line may seem like too much for some of the smaller bass and it is. But if you tie into a 12-pounder, you will be glad of that heavier line. These bruisers will run straight to heavy cover to wrap your line up and you need to stop them before they get that far.

You are sure to catch plenty of nice bass, but those double-digit monsters are elusive. It takes an expert to tempt one of them to bite. Fortunately, Pintail Hunting Club employs experts. When our guides are not on the water and the fields chasing birds, they are on the water chasing fish. They are ready to share their expertise with you. They can show you what to do, but it is up to you to convince one to bite and then get it to the boat.

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