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Texas Upland – Quail, Pheasant & Chukar Hunting

For sheer heart-pounding excitement, it is hard to beat quail, chukar and pheasant. These birds explode from cover when taking flight. The racket a pheasant makes when they break just a few feet away from you has to be experienced to be believed and Pintail Hunting Club can make this happen for you.

When you book morning waterfowl hunt with us, consider adding an afternoon upland bird hunt to the package. You can enjoy an upland hunt the afternoon of arrival or following your morning waterfowl hunt.  

Season runs October 1st-March 1.  

What To Expect

You are hunting flight trained released birds.   Sometimes they will get up well ahead of the dogs. Sometimes they will hold tight to cover and have to be flushed out. There is just no way of knowing until it happens.

 You are going to spend some time walking behind the dogs and riding from location to location. You will also have plenty of time during the hunt to get tips from our guides.

Then, you have the pleasure of watching our dogs work. Few things make a bird hunter smile more than a pointer nose-first at a clump of bushes and waiting for the birds to take off.

What To Bring

You will need hunter orange cap and vest, good walking boots, durable pants and a shirt suited to seasonal temperatures. In the early part of the season, a short sleeve shirt should be enough. As the season moves into winter, you will need long sleeve shirts to light jackets that let you shoulder and fire your gun unhindered. No need for camouflage when hunting upland birds unless you just want to.

The ammo, you will need is No. 7 to No. 9 lead shot.

When you are ready to experience the finest in true Southern upland bird hunting, Pintail Hunting Lodge has the place, and the birds, for you. Come to our Texas duck hunting lodge and make memories with us.

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